White Nights

あなたが一緒に いたいのは誰ですか
My name is Kuchiki Byakuya. Current English Teacher at Iwakiri Academy. Residing in dorm 2C-A.
I do not tolerate foolish behavior. And you best be careful to never insult my pride lest you are prepared to be cut down immediately.
 person(s) wasting time
We should not shed tears That is a surrender of the body to the heart It only becomes proof Of our inability to control it.

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[eyebrow raise] Excuse me?

crimson-thread replied to your post: “Where the hell has your noble ass been-ttebane!? You’re a bore as always.” Kushina crossed her arms and pouted.

“Well you were gone for so long-ttebane!”

"No matter how long it was, or if it wasn’t that long at all. I will let you know when I feel like broadcasting my personal affairs," he replied, sarcasm evident in his tone.

*v* [Stares in class]

[stares right back]

"Where the hell has your noble ass been-ttebane!? You're a bore as always." Kushina crossed her arms and pouted.

"I don’t see how that information is any of your business, Uzumaki."

— Coming Back Home

Arriving at the Academy this time was a completely different experience than his first, purposed visit. While the first time he had arrived via human transportation- a taxi, he learned afterwards- the second time had been nothing short of strange and somewhat sudden. Though nonetheless welcomed.

Byakuya would have appreaciated however that whatever magic had worked at his favor hadn’t graciouslessly thrown him outside the Academy grounds- the grass humid with the dawn’s air soaking through his clothes. His sleeping clothes, the noble quickly noted with a glance down at his state of dress.

He recognized the immediate area as the one he used to train Arisawa in. Which meant he wasn’t more than half a mile away from the Academy’s dorm. It seemed that the power used to transport individuals at the grounds were not completely against him.

Getting up from his less than noble position on the floor, Byakuya sighed- hating to walk in through the gates in a grass stained hakama. Stretching his senses out for a quick scan of the perimeter around him- searching for any familiar spiritual pressures- the dark haired noble debated the safest route to his dorm room. Flash stepping was currently out of the question seeing as he was inside a gigai. Carrying the fake body would take effort that he wasn’t quite inclined on wasting.

Though at the moment that seemed like the only possible solution. However, with a deep frown marring his face the noble remember not having any sort of soul candy. With an irritated sigh, Byakuya lifted his hands, grabbing his own shoulders and pulling, grimacing at the disorienting feeling of separating from the gigai. With a forceful yank, the fake body went tumbling to the ground, the clothes staining further, as the dark haired man hovering over it in his standard Shinigami uniform. As shameful as it felt, Byakuya picked up his gigai and threw it over his shoulder, his scowl deeping. In a mere second he was nothing but a moving blur, speeding towards his room and hopefully away from prying eyes. Time for his life to liven up again.
I dare you to drink a cup of tea with ten sugarcubes in it!

Yamanaka-san? I don’t believe I asked for any. 

That was no simple answer....Damn...why are you so difficult!

I am not difficult- you’re just too simple BI

Still a prissy little shit, I see. Ya never change. But I just asked a simple question, Kuchiki. No need to get sassy.

"Just as you asked a simple question, I gave you a simple answer Zaraki."